woodridge il real estate agents on preparing to sell

Preparing to Sell Quickly with Woodridge Real Estate Agent

woodridge il real estate agents on preparing to sell

Need to get your home looking great and on the market quickly? We’ve got just the list for you. In an ideal situation, you would spend time researching which upgrades will provide the most return, learning about current design trends, and analyzing each room of your home for repairs and renovations that can be made. However, life does not always allow us such time – especially if you are looking to sell before the end of the year. For this reason, professional Woodridge real estate agent Shanon Tully has the list of essentials to prepare your home for the market.

Initial Prep

Before thinking about ways to freshen up your home and give a renewed look, let’s cover the basics. Work on de-cluttering your home first. This will reveal to buyers how much space you actually have. Designate one area for things you will donate, another for items that can be packed up (you’ll be moving soon, remember), and a third for things that will have to be thrown out. Go room by room and get rid of as much as you can. Make sure to pack away personal items like family photos and art as these tend to distract buyers. You might even ask your real estate agent about what furniture can go. They will likely help with staging when the time comes, but as long as you are removing things from your home you might as well get a jump on the furniture. Make sure to do a deep clean after you’ve removed all unnecessary clutter. It is a good idea to get the carpets professionally cleaned especially if this hasn’t been done in awhile.

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This is a powerful way to make your home come alive. Choose the most popular rooms like the kitchen and bathroom. If you have a group of friends that can be tempted by pizza, go for the whole house. Consult your Realtor for their recommendations on your specific situation. When choosing the color, go with gray, white, or even blue. It is okay to use some bold colors, but only minimally and in high impact areas like trim or stand-alone walls.

Give the Kitchen Some Love

This room is one of the most important for potential buyers to it is worth it to have on the list of essentials. Since you don’t have time to do a whole renovation, consider repainting, replacing the hardware, adding new light fixtures, and maybe refacing the cabinets. This is a less expensive route than replacing them and can make a big difference. It can cost you anywhere from one to three thousand dollars for a 10×12 foot section.

For more help getting ready for the market contact one of the premier Woodridge real estate agents, Shanon Tully.

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