darien realtor helps with organization

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darien realtor helps with organization

The holiday season is a great time for hosting family gatherings and holiday parties. Preparing for these with lights, ornaments, and wreaths is an essential part of encouraging that holiday spirit. Consider taking some organizational steps along the way to ensure that your guests are not only comfortable but safe as well. Experienced Darien IL real estate agent Shanon Tully has you covered when it comes to all types of real estate needs.

Living Room

Let’s begin in one of the rooms of the house that gets the most time: the living room. This area can become disorganized quickly as it is a room where many activities take place. To limit the number of coats, bags, and shoes that end up in the living room create a space for the items in the entryway. Maybe even put a bench near the front door to encourage the members of your family to take the time to remove their shoes, coats, etc and put them in proper storage. Also, think about the activities that take place in the living room. Make a list of the most common items that are used for those activities and create storage for them. So, for example, if your children play with their toys on the floor, maybe use an ottoman that enables you to store the toys inside. Or if you like to sew while watching television, how about designating a drawer in the coffee table for your supplies? The name of the game is to create a home for everything.

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Now let’s move into what can sometimes amount to the messiest room in the house: the kitchen. To get this room in shape start by assessing how you regularly use it. What types of meals do you typically make? Form a list of items that you use most often based on the types of meals and activities you do in the kitchen. Next, assess the space and storage that you have available. Note that some storage will be more accessible than others. Determine a home for the items you use most and put them in the most accessible areas. Put the items you rarely use in the harder to reach storage spaces. It might even be worth it to get a grab claw to extend your reach if you have high cabinets. Consider a Lazy Susan for easy to access corner storage as well.


One last room we’ll tackle is the bathroom. For this room, you might consider using a basket system. This is because so many items in the bathroom are small. They tend to clutter up the bathroom sink area. Even if you have many drawers it is still a good idea to section them off with small baskets. A shower caddy in the shower can free up space in the bathtub and a hanging shoe organizer can maximize space as well. Under the sink, you can hang your spray bottles to use the space above the base of the cabinet.

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